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Storely™ Shoe Dryer

Storely™ Shoe Dryer

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I got this for my husband and he loves it, his boots are nice and warm for him. The shoe dryer can evaporate the moisture and humidity from the inside of the shoes, while also cleaning the odor from the inside of the shoes.”

Jaycob D. - Verified Customer  

Designed To Keep Your Shoes Cozy And Warm On Those Cold Winter days.


With its advanced drying technology, you'll never have to worry about damp or smelly shoes again. Say goodbye to soggy socks and hello to warm, dry, and comfortable feet. Our shoe dryer is perfect for a wide range of footwear, from sports shoes to boots. Not only does our shoe dryer dry your shoes quickly and efficiently, but it also helps to eliminate bacteria and odors, leaving your footwear smelling fresh and clean.

Retractable Shoe Dryer

There are two heating elements on both sides to increase the drying area, which can evenly dissipate heat, accelerate the evaporation of water, and quickly restore the dryness of the wet shoes, eliminating odors from inside shoes.

Porous Heat Dissipation

The heat dissipation holes are densely distributed in the shoe dryers. When heating, an annular warm air flow is formed in the shoe space, and the 360° heat is evenly distributed, taking into account the sole and the upper area of the shoe, and even the dead corners can be dried evenly.

Shoe Dryer with Timer

For Shoes of different materials, thicknesses, or humidity! You can set the shoe dryer shut down for 3/6/9 hours. Let the multifunctional shoe dryer run safely and quietly. Precise time control can protect your beloved shoes from overheating. Compared with a dryer that blows warm air, it saves electricity.


Perfectly Fit The Shoe Body Design

The upgraded shoe dryer adopts a 90° linear design, which makes the dryer fit the shoes better, greatly shortening the drying time and increasing the service life 



1 Pair - Shoes Dryer 

1 - User Manual 


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